Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Down With The Sickness

These past few weeks my family has been tossing about a nasty flu bug between each other. Carla and Josh were hit hard last week. Yesterday I started to feel the initial signs of a sore throat and plugged sinuses. Five days before Hayward! Wheee!

When I feel a cold coming on I don't sit back though, I attack. My favorite are zinc lozenges. I scarf them down like Peanut M&M's. They are incredibly effective at cutting the duration of the common cold by three days (you were looking for the ad link weren't you?)

Also, I am going for the extra dose of extra powerful stuff from Kristi. She's always got the stuff. Not sure what it all is but I'll take whatever she gives me. Last night she gave me three bottles of stuff. I will nuke this cold and it will be gone by race time.

A few other physical challenges

This last weekend my foot got pinned underneath a chair leg. My oldest boy was rocking forward in our chair at the computer and I walked by at the precise moment he rocked back to the floor. Intense pain! I dropped to the floor. At this point there is minor bruising and slight pain. Obviously it won't keep me from skating! But I expect some discomfort in my skate boot. I am skating this morning and we'll see how things feel.

One of the reasons I started skating a few years back is because I get very bad shin splints if I run (because I have flat feet.) I didn't expect this but my shins are acting up. I think it is because of the sole inserts I've been testing out the last few weeks. I will remove them from my skates this morning.

Finally, I've managed to bang my left knee cap on my flat workout bench two times in one day. Walking through my weight room in the dark is obviously foolish. No big deal but again some more irritating pain to deal with.


Carla said...

Such is life huh, Patrick? The only way out of the pain(ALL pain)is through it. I am sorry for your aches. I know you will skate for the glory of God on Saturday!!

kristi noser said...

I wish I could be there with cowbells on!