Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dad I Have A Question

Wait! Two ABs (at bats) in a week? Seriously Babe I am not changing the focus of this blog to compete with you.

A conversation with my son this morning on the way to summer school:

Josh: "Dad, I have a question"

Me: "Yes, what is it? Go ahead ask away"

Josh: "Dad, did you used to be all muscular before you got all fat? I mean what did your body look like before you got fat?"

Me: "Yes Josh, I looked like He-Man and right now I am making a come back."

Of course I've never been sculpted like He-Man and I don't aspire to freakness...but what would you have said?

P.S. I laughed as I told Josh I loved him when he was getting out of the car for school. He said, "You're going to write about my question on your blog aren't you."


Carla said...

See? The cherubs are blog fodder for sure. We are sitting on a gold mine.

Katie R. said...

Isaiah sometimes purposely asks/says goofy stuff and then immediately asks if it's going to be on the blog. I think they're all secretly seeking fame.

On a sidenote, children sure keep a person humble.

Katie R. said...

Heeeyyyy..... that means Carla gets to be She-Ra. Ya, know I do believe the Streams are going to be super-heros during retirement. I've heard there's an Electoman suit somewhere.

smm said...

Too Funny!

ron said...

I believe when Pat puts on the Electroman suit, he is hard to distinguish from He-Man.

PS said...

I am still waiting for the suit to be delivered to my house. Four days left to race day, I hope it show up.

kristi noser said...

You two should write a book.