Wednesday, August 08, 2007

UPDATED: Onward To Hayward By Way Of Bemidji

Because of the risk of getting home too late Friday night, Bemidji has been called off for me. I am glad. Also, this cold is making its way through my body and I need sleep!

Tomorrow morning I leave to Hayward. But it is not exactly a straight shot.

Yes the Hayward marathon is not until Saturday but I am going to Bemidji MN for a couple of days for work. I will spend tomorrow and half of Friday in Bemidji. I am parking my car overnight at another customer's location in Anoka MN. So Friday night I'll be heading from Anoka to Hayward. I doubt I'll try to push the distance from Anoka to Hayward.

Thankfully my mother lives on the way in St. Croix Falls so I am planning on sleeping there Friday night. However, it is still two hours from Hayward and so I'll need to leave St. Croix Falls at 4:00 am to get my race packet by 6:00 AM. I could go a little further and stay in Spooner Friday night but I don't want to waste money a hotel room.

Did you follow all of that? You tracking with me?

I think I have it all planned out. If nothing else laying it out in this post helped me see how insane the distance is going to be.


Katie R. said...

Hope all your hard work pays off. Have fun!

Carla said...

Come home, babe. Your wife will fix you up.