Thursday, August 09, 2007

Next Year

I'm alive. This cold is running its course and I have some eucalyptus oil treatments planned for tonight and tomorrow (HT to Ron and Jen.)

I am feeling somewhat down about having a cold. I can't believe it! I skated two miles this morning just to stay loose and my lungs were on fire. How in the world will I do 26 miles in two days? I know I will do it, I just like to go to worst case scenario first and then work up from there.

For instance, I've already set my goals for next year. One goal is to skate at least four marathons: Ashland, Baxter, Hayward and St. Paul. Plus, Lord willing, I (somehow) will have earned and saved enough money to meet all my family's financial obligations and have enough left over to get these rockets:

I need to dream! I will skate four marathons and we'll see about the skates. Sitting here with a splitting sinus headache, this is how I pump myself up and get ready for Saturday.

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