Friday, August 10, 2007

I Need It Everyday

I need the Gospel of Jesus Christ everyday. I forget it often - everyday!

On one hand I am saddened and my pride is severely crushed by the reality that I even forget the essentials of the gospels, everyday. In a very strange way, on the other hand, I am grateful and praise the Lord that I get to hear the Gospel everyday.

To pursue Christ's reign in all of life starts with hearing the Gospel everyday. I am always looking for ways to apply the full extent of the Gospel to my everyday life - I need it every day!

Get it? I am talking about everyday!

Resources like the Gospel Driven Blog help me by reminding me quickly of the implications of the Gospel. This post, What Does Keeping the Gospel Central in Your Daily Life Look Like?, is a great summary of foundational gospel thinking and what it looks like in daily life. The blog post is long but contains essentials. Please read. Here are the four main points:
1. Keeping the Gospel central allows believers to be honest with themselves and God.

2. The Gospel frees us from a performance, duty-driven mentality.

3. The Gospel breaks the crippling power of false guilt and assures our troubled consciences before God.

4. Preaching the Gospel to ourselves daily gives us hope, joy and courage in the midst of our war with sin.

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