Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Blog About What?

What do I blog about now that inline skating season is officially over (for me)?

I can't find the time to think. I am not saying "I am so busy I can't find time to blog" in the sense that being busy means I think I am really important. I am saying I am doing a terrible job at managing all the things going on in my life. That really didn't sound any less egocentric did it? Seriously, focus on what I am saying about my failure to be a good steward of my time and you'll get the nuance.

My mind is bursting with blogging ideas but I am fed up with my history of abridged postings on topics I am deeply passionate about. Right now I find reconciling effective blogging with other life responsibilities very difficult. Sooner or later things will turn around though I believe.

For now, you'll have to settle for stuff like this:

Season three of The Office is out on DVD and season four one hour premiere is Sept 27th. This season I hope to see more of my new fav Andy (the freak). His singing is fantastic! Check out this collection:



erin said...

I can't see the clip since I'm at work, but I LOOOOOOVE The Office!
Can't WAIT to see how Jim & Pam's first date goes!

Brandy Dopkins said...

Just post a good fart joke, Pat, everyone loves em and you don't have to be passionate about it.

I smell what yer steppin' in, friend. No on says you gotta blog every day or even more than twice a month. I would miss you though, if you blogged less than that.

erin said...

I'm with Brandy on everything but the fart joke.

A sentence I can honestly say I never thought I'd type.

Pat Stream said...

Brandy - You post the first fart joke on your blog. Also, we three sons and a tough little daughter (who can pass with the best of them) the actual material used to create fart jokes is made up in my house.

erin said...

ohmystars, I love Andy.
Finally just got to watch the clip.
Rich and I can't figure out how they keep a straight face.