Thursday, September 13, 2007

Burtonia Has Been Nuked

It is a sad day folks. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Burtonia, the blogging home of Jeff Burton, has been nuked and no longer exists in the blogoshpere. Jeff hasn't blogged for over a year but up until now he has left his archives in tact. I took this as a sign he'd one day write another post. Not going to happen. Today his blog URL results in "404 Not Found". I take this as a sign he killed his blog for good.

I've cornered Jeff on occasion (when I actually see him) to find out why he stopped blogging. The best way I can summarize his reply is that there is "something else he's got going on." Perhaps a more advanced world? A new Burtonia? I hope!

Farewell King of Burtonia.

Hey...bunny is my chance to see how Blogger's Poll widget works. Wait! Last time I posted a poll on this blog I was roasted and toasted severely. So what. This poll is for a more worthy cause.

Please notice the Bring Back Burtonia Poll on the right sidebar. Please vote!


Jeff Burton said...

Here's the bar I've set for myself to return to the blogosphere: when I think my writing is so fresh, compelling, funny, informative, and stylish that my wife would want to read them, I'll return to blogging.

sacketjaweedah said...

Go Jeff! You could also just keep on improving those FANTASTIC musicals the children sing every spring!