Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kids, Quirkiness and Paranoid Parents

Check out this very refreshing article providing a much needed twist in perspective regarding "quirky" kids.

Kids Who Don't Fit In


Carla said...

Very good article Pat!! Thank you! I found the Gardasil ads completely annoying!!! How our daughter could be One Less!! :O Anyway, I share many quirky children with you, let's celebrate them!!

Kim N. said...

As the mother of "quirky" child I enjoyed this article! Right now I am in the train of thought that I don't need a diagnosis for my child. Don't get me started on the Gardasil adds.

Swampy-Rah said...

I couldn't get past the ads to read the article but I did see a great bumper sticker the other day; it was the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness that said "Save the Ta-Ta's". I pointed it out to Cheryl and then Timmy said (from the back seat) "What are Ta-Ta's?" I answered "They're one of man's endangered friends."