Friday, March 07, 2008

Debt Snowball, The Kids Have Eyes and Ears

The kids are on board now with our family's mission to eliminate our debt, our frontal assault. I have not done any direct teaching with them which is usually my tendency. For now they've engaged themselves in the process. Could it be because my wife posted our snowball plan on the kitchen cupboard?

This week while driving to a child event:
Sarah: "Dad, you know this debt snowball thing? When you and Mom are done, can we go on a vacation to Disneyland."

Me: "That would be excellent, sweetie!"

Sarah: (In typical quick-thinking-strike-while-its-hot-she'll-be-in-sales fashion) "This summer?"
Man I wish! If I had a credit card I'd be tempted to charge it just for my sweetie.

While driving away from the window at McDonald's:
Josh: "Dad!! Did you just charge that? Did you just go into debt for Happy Meals?"

Me: "No son, I used the Debit card."

Josh: "Dad?! The card said Mastercard! Are you sure? I think you charged it."

Me: "No son, Debit means cash. There is cash in the bank to pay for that meal."

Josh: "How do you know how much cash is in the bank."

Me: "We keep a budget and watch it very closely.'

Josh: "What's a budget?"
On and on the conversation went until we pulled in the driveway. Josh is a thinker and invites my direct teaching - he's also a challenger and it helps keep me sharp. Our sit down McDonald's meal lasted 2.34859 seconds leaving me feeling guilty that I fed poison to my children again and dropped a $20 at the altar of ease.


Carla Stream said...

They are quick little buggers!I love how they look at the debt snowball plan I posted! Don't forget the red felt tip pen taped there to SLASH in red what is PAID!!

LauraLynn said...

Your site looks great!
I haven't been here for a long time & WOW, things have changed!
I love your passion to fix your debt- impressive!
Wish we could help,
Wanna come over for some
(Maybe if we all gave you our junk to sell on Ebay and Craigslist and let you keep the money! Just for taking it off our hands! It could work...........