Monday, March 10, 2008

Stressed Out By Maxed Out

Saturday nights, after the kids are bathed and tucked in, my wife and I tuck ourselves in, with the laptop, and catch a movie. This last weekend we borrowed Maxed Out: Hard Times, Easy Credit and the Era of Predatory Lenders from Brandy.

As a rule I like documentaries. I liked Maxed Out. I am not going to review the whole flick here but make sure you check out the links below to some other reviews on the net. When you factor in the whole daylight savings spring ahead lose an hour of sleep thing, I lost probably four hours because this movie stressed me out. I disagree with all reviews that proclaim this movie is hilarious or entertaining - that's just mind boggling. I agree though with Brandy that its not too over the top to proclaim this movie is life changing.

I guess I wasn't expecting the anxiety but I realize it centered on my children. I lay stunned in bed driven by thoughts of how to help them from getting trapped by credit cards and debt as a whole. I'll settle down in the next couple of days and have a specific plan.

Maxed Out is required watching.

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The Book:
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Carla Stream said...

Depressing. Disturbing. Motivating.
There's my review.

scissorbill said...

I'll have to check that out hoping it does for my wallet what Super Size Me! did for my arteries.

Pat Stream said...

hi scissorbill! thanks for commenting. Maxed Out scared me more than Super Size, but both induced the gag reflex.