Saturday, March 22, 2008

FPU Update, Another $560 of debt paid off

My wife Carla dropped off a payment in the mail this morning - another $560 of debt paid. Since Feb 2, 2008 when we kicked our FPU drive in gear, we've saved $1,000 in an emergency fund. February 29th is when we really started attacking our debt - we've paid off a total of $2,849 in debt ($2,600 has been consumer debt.) We're going into week 10 of the classes next week...three more left and we graduate.

Back on January 14, 2008 I was no where near as focused as I am today. Back then, there was no way you'd be able to convince me we'd be where we are today. No way!

All our small, annoying debts are paid. The next one on the list has a current balance of $1,000 so it will take two months to pay off. The next debt after that is $2,700. The small success to date have created much needed enthusiasm


erin said...

Congratulations, Pat & Carla. Isn't it the BEST feeling?

Anonymous said...

Way to go Hon!!! I'm really proud of you both!