Friday, April 04, 2008

FPU Status Update

With the small debts quickly paid off during the initial momentum created by getting started on Baby Step 1 and 2, I am feeling somewhat like things have stalled out. But that is not true. I just need to get the focus back on to where we are at and look forward. We are by no means stalled out with nothing to do.

April is an important month because we are:
  1. Working on restoring the emergency fund after having to put new tires on the family van. The amount to restore is $506. I am placing half that amount from this recent paycheck and the other half will come from the next check.
  2. Still contemplating a second job. The extra money that would go straight to debt is very appealing but the time away from family is not. Also, my wife and I already feel completely exhausted with life as whole, how would we deal with the time stress of an extra job. I am still thinking about it but I should come to a decision soon just to get it off my plate.
  3. Continuing to tweak the monthly budget. This weekend I am going to run some month end reports for March. My gut feel is that although we did not spend more than our income for the month, we did spend too much in some categories like food and entertainment.
I am out of town on a business trip. Nothing big. Overnight in Bemidji, MN. Either way, I really miss my family.

Oh...something else very exciting, the MN Wild captured their first division title last night. Playoffs start later half of next week. The Wild will start at home.


Carla said...

You have captured my thoughts exactly. Losing that gazelle like intensity??
Miss you too!!

Carla said...


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