Monday, May 05, 2008

Upcoming Series - Shaving My Legs

After falling this last Sunday during my long skate of the week, I've decided to take the blade to my leg hair sooner than later. This just means I'll have to keep it up all summer - once, maybe twice a week. We'll see.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran an article about this very topic: Ultrafit: Male athletes wax effusive about shaving - their legs. I am by no means "ultrafit" but I do know what it feels like to suffer from major road rash. Here's my favorite quote:
Today Bullard's preferred brand of shaver is one his daughter gave him for Father's Day. The Gillette Venus has five blades and a "ribbon of moisture." It comes in pink and teal, and the company tags a slogan on the packaging: "Reveal the goddess in you."
I am into posting by series on this blog and now that FPU is over...I wonder how a very specialized instructional series would go over? I'll call it How To Shave Your Male Legs.

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Swampy-Rah said...

I empathise. The beauty of shaving your legs (pardon the pun) is that bandages don't require you to pull as much hair off when you remove them.