Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Love Song

Happy 14th Anniversary Carla!

Love Song by The Cure. One of the greatest songs ever. Carla and I dance the night away to this song 14 years ago today. Carla, sorry the guy looks so scary but I wanted good sound and live sound. I will always love you!

Another great song we played at our wedding.

Cross My Heart by George Straight


Carla said...

Thank you. So awesome!

I didn't know Bozo the Clown sang Love Song. No matter. I always picture Pat Stream as the lead singer of The Cure anyway!!

erin said...

Congratulations, you guys!

Swampy-Rah said...

Yeah, okay you sent me down a 'Cure' trip into memory lane of 90's alternative music on youtube. It was cool but sad at the same time.

Congratulations, Love-cats.