Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Double Standard

I think I may have blogged about one of my double standards before. But since it keeps rearing its ugly head in my life I probably should keep confessing it. It plays itself out in my life something like this:

This morning I was skating and coming down the home stretch to my house, rounding the last corner. I usually take the corner slow because sometimes there is a car coming but then I crank into a sprint on the straight away for the last half block. Today a car was approaching from the opposite direction. As always my attention focused on the driver's head and eyes so that I could discern whether they noticed me. This lady obviously did not see me. I could tell by her left-over-right hand movement on the steering wheel. That's a racing grip. When I do that I am bearing down to make a tight corner. She cut over into my lane and dug in - she obviously planned to turn so tight so as to rub the curb. This left me NO room. I had only bad choices. I entered into my "what the heck am I going to do now" problem solving process. My choices were A) Grass roll B) Flying body block into the street sign, C)Sqeeeezze by in my 1 inch lane, or D) Take the car on. I thought "Ah, it'll be just like a hip check from my hockey days". But I chose C.

The lady noticed me finally after my waving hand slipped into her cab and almost smacked her on the nose (I had no evil intentions.) I said "Hellloooo!!!??' and squeezed by without even a misstep. She kept right on going.

Immediately I thought "Man! I suppose if I were that driver I'd be thinking "What a stupid skater, he needs to be more careful. One wrong move and I'm plowing him." and the next thought was "As a skater, if anyone ever does hit me, I'm suing big time. Some drivers are just mindless morons."

You see? It's torturous. There are so many conflicts. I simply can not hold to both beliefs at the same time. Something has to be done about it.


kristi noser said...

You could always carry one of those air horns, scare em!

LauraLynn said...

Oh' my goodness! You are killing me! I am so glad the kids aren't asleep. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time~
Awesome post!