Friday, August 01, 2008

When and Where To Watch

The St. Paul Inline Marathon is this Sunday, August 3rd. It runs along Shepard road down by the riverfront in St. Paul with the finish at Mears Park.

If your so inclined to get up early and come and check it out, here are my estimated times where I think I'll be crossing under Wabasha bridge which is a great place to watch all the skaters (and its a straight shot up Sibley to the finish line.):

Race start - 8:05-8:11
1st Pass (10 miles) - 8:40-8:45
2nd Pass (16 miles) - 9:05-9:10
Finish (26.2 miles) - 9:40-9:51

I will be wearing a red sleeveless shirt and my helmet is dark orange and black.

The heat will be on but I don't think it will reach the forecasted 94 degrees until later in the day.

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Carla said...

Be there with cowbells on.