Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Josh!

My oldest son Josh is 9 years old today! Happy Birthday Buddy! I love you!

Josh is an incredibly imaginative pup. For years now he has been drawing super heros, villians, monsters, good guys, warriors, etc. My best guestimate as to the number he has sketched out, over 200. Amazingly, he has a name and story for every single one of them. (Just ask him.)

Last night Josh asked me if I were a super hero, who would I want to be? I think I said spiderman. But Josh showed me who he wants to be from one of his drawings.

The drawing on the right is of super hero Optimus Primal. His top three skills/attributes are:
  1. Light saber in chest
  2. Shoots lightening from side bolts on neck
  3. Hover knee pads (makes him float in the air)
Optimus Primal is known for his strength. His mission in life is to build things to make people's lives better.


Joey said...

he should meet my little brother who just turned 9 on Wed. they'd probably have the most flippin' sweet time ever!

PS said...


Jeff said...
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PS said...

Sometimes you have to deconstruct before you can reconstruct (i.e. 80 pines.)

Ruth Ann/Mom/Noni said...

OK Pat! You finally got me to comment.....I'm a pushover for my grandkids!!! Anyway.....Josh is super special, I've thought that since the day he was born. Out of the "mouths of babes", huh?

PS said...

Yoohoo! Way to go Mom! Thanks! I am proud of you.

Carla said...

Joshua is the best 9 year old son I've ever had! He's bred for his skills and magic.

kristi noser said...

May you should have called him Joshliger.
Vote for Pedro!