Thursday, July 27, 2006

This Is What Makes Me Laugh

I mentioned it before. I find NBC's The Office to be hysterical!! Absolutely some of the best (consistent) humor I've ever seen. I think the best part about the show is the premise of it being a documentary and the fact there really is no framing or build up to punchlines, because there are no punchlines. My wife and I ordered season 1 from our Blockbuster online account and just watched it a few times over. I am looking forward to the release of season 2. I know season 2 is available in iTunes for $34.95 but I won't spend the money. I've thought about it but how foolish can I get?

Lately I've been humming a well know Christmas carol. My inspiration comes from the pilot episode of The Office. You must watch the clip below to know why I am so inspired. You don't necessarily have to watch the whole thing but just pay attention to the very short scene at roughly the 31 second mark.


Carla said...

Another hobby to share with you!!I think we are the only two people I know who love it! Is it on tonight?

ron said...

Funny! I keep hearing about this show and see why people like it.