Thursday, August 17, 2006

What A Crummy Headline "Suspect claims he had sex with JonBenet"

KSTP Eyewitness TV News reports that "Suspect claims he had sex with JonBenet".

Get it right! NO ADULT EVER HAS SEX WITH A CHILD. It is called rape! The headline should be rewritten "Suspect claims he raped and sexually assaulted JonBenet, a 6 year old child"

Where in the report by KSTP does it provide a quote that Karr said himself that he had sex with JonBenet? The report does says Karr told investigators he drugged and sexually assaulted the girl, but those words came from a Thai police official, supposedly.

Adults don't have sex with children. Call it what it is. Rape.

(HT: my wife)


Carla said...

There is a movement in this country that asserts children somehow "want, can consent to and enjoy" sex. NAMBLA is all for that! Lord help us!

kristi noser said...

Sick and Sicker.
I for one doubt the "confession" of this man. Looking at him on the news, I think he is really sick--dying even, and taking the fall for someone else. Just my opinion.

erin said...

It's terrible and saddening. Interesting opinion, Kristi. Could be true.
In other news, tomorrow's the big day, Pat! Good luck!!

PS said...

thanks erin. btw - the race is on sunday though.