Friday, August 18, 2006

Is Sin Against Me More Horrifying Than My Sin Against God?

What a question huh? Married Life has posted another article in their series on struggling well in a difficult marriage.

Here are some words from "“How do I maintain perspective when I am so often sinned against?"” that rattles my heart and fuels my desire for daily repentance in my marriage:
"Secondly, your spouse's sin must never be more grieving to you than your own sin against God. Consider for a moment, are you more aware this morning of your spouse's sin than your own? If so, your Savior declares you blinded by sin (Luke 6:36-42). Someone who is spiritually blind to his own sin cannot effectively his spouse."
Incidently, I think there has been a word left out of thesentencentance of that quote. I'm guessing that love is suppose to be right after effectively.


Carla said...

Gosh Pat, people are going to think you have a wife that sins. We can't have that now can we?

PS said...

hey - these posts are a public service. There are no judements in them. Great, now you told everyone that I am married to a sinner. Sometimes babe, things need to be kept in the closet.

ron said...

This is great stuff (I mean counsel that we should focus on our own sin, not the fact that Carla sins, er, I mean our spouses)

I have learned that my own sins are consistently a bigger problem than the offenses of others, and that comes by contemplating that I am in cosmic treason, and if not for the work of Christ I would be unable to see that my wife's sins are not nearly the problem mine are.

Yikes, now I've made it public that Jennifer sins.