Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Biblical View of T.O.'s Suicide Attempt

If you haven't heard yet, self declared super star NFL wide receiver Terrel Owens (Dallas Cowboys) allegedly attempted to take his own life last night.

Initial news reports declared Owen's indeed intended to kill himself but now the picture is very cloudy, Owens himself is apparently laughing off initial reports (I'm not surprised.) There is a news conference at 3:15 ET where things will get cleared up (probably not.)

I've been following most of the news on Owens throughout the day. What I was not expecting to see, at least so soon, was this: Thinking Biblically about Terrell Owens. Frankly, I was surprised but that's why I like good blogging. Here is a good summary quote from the article, but please take time to read the whole thing:

"Situations such as this should cause Christians to thank God the Father through the Lord Jesus Christ for his immeasurable grace. For it is only in Christ, who redeems sinners from their pursuit of self-worship, self-sovereignty and self-dependence while proclaiming his worship, his sovereignty, and our dependence upon him.

The logical end of depending upon ourselves is death. For when we understand, I mean we really understand that we have no power to either keep up with or satisfy our lusts we then we really understand that we are hopeless and futile. The logical end of self dependence is indeed death.

Conversely, the gracious end of Christ dependence is life!! For when, by grace, we understand the above truth and see Christ as sufficient to give us life, remove our guilt from sin, satisfy our affections and rule our lives then we have hope and strength! The gracious end of Christ dependence is life!

When you read of T.O. be grieved for him, even pray for him, but do not miss this opportunity to exalt in the grace of God through Jesus Christ while growing more impressed with Jesus."

(HT: Between Two Worlds, where I found the link to the article)

UPDATE: Owens had his news conference and he catagorically denied that he is depressed and that he attempted suicide. To the report he answered "yes" when rescue workers asked if he was trying to harm himself, Owens explained it away with this statement "I really wasn't as coherant as they thought I was." How would he know?

TO's publicist also spoke breifly during the new conference and wanted everybody to know TO is not depressed and he has 25 million reasons why he is not, meaning one reason for each dollar of his contract (sad).

The article I linked to above is still relevant regardless of T.O.'s real or false attempt. What I find interesting is that he denied everything he said or did while being drugged up with the pain killers. He claims to not be responsible for any of it, it was all the medication speaking. No T.O. it was your empty lost heart crying out through the pain killers.


William E. Turner Jr. said...

I especially like you last line in the update section: "it was your empty heart crying out through the pain killers." I too have been following this story today. Thanks for your thoughts.

Will Turner

PS said...

Thanks for the visit Will.

erin said...

Alright, I admit, I'm grieved. And irritated. Do you think it's ok to be both? I have a couple of reasons to be irritated, starting with the most obvious, but also because they imply that sadness and depression can be ruled out with reason. It's not that simple to someone who is actually depressed, which I think relates to that empty, lost heart. Though, we should be careful here--we don't know what's in TO's heart, right?

Anonymous said...

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