Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not So Curiously Strong

Right now I have a sinus cold strong enough to totally block the strongness of Altoids. Totally. No taste at all! None! Also, I've never in my life had a cold that causes my nose to drip constantly. If I wanted to I could blow bubbles like my little Timmers. (I am really sorry about that word picture Kristi.)

Life the Last Few Days

- Saturday was the high point. I spent the whole day alone with my wife. Wonderful!
- Sunday my daughter nailed me in my manly area with a snowball, iceball, rock...whatever it was, at pointblank range. During our snowball fight she approached me for a hug, I thought. I let my guard down and she unloaded. I am still a little sore today.
- Monday morning my cold hits full force with sinus pressure and a headache.
- Monday morning failed to love my wife and really listen to her.
- Monday morning I discover the clothes dryer has no heat.
- Monday morning while trying to troubleshoot the dryer I am overcome by cleansing sensations I should have had two weeks ago.
- Monday morning can't find any tools and get mad at myself for how unorganized I am.
- Monday morning get to work a 1/2 hour later than planned.
- Monday suffer all day with cold.
- Monday night cough and sneeze and discover intense pain between shoulder blades.
- Tuesday just gettin' by.

It is obvious I don't have much time to blog about anything serious these days.


Carla said... was Monday?

kristi noser said...

Hot pack your face man! Works wonders...but then you work with my sister who is the absolute guru of home remedies, so you already know...

Reegz said...

Just another day in paradise huh?