Friday, March 09, 2007

You See, Sometimes It's True. Things Could Be Worse.

How many times have you read about my adherence to pithy statements like "It Could Be Worse."? Ask my wife and she'll remind you how often I recite my drives her bonkers. I love you Babe!

Ya'know though, don't you think it is fair to show everyday examples that prove the truth behind the pithiness?

It could be worse...after decades of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, you could look like an old has been rocker.

I love ya Eddie. You're still one of the best!


kristi noser said...

NO WAY! That is NOT Eddie Van Halen, but a nasty look-alike. It HAS TO BE!!
Besides, Eddie has enough money to get a couple of teeth, don'tcha think?

Kim N. said...

Okay I must be old. As a teen ager I was in love with Eddie Van Halen.
If Eddie looks like that I must be old. Kristi is right, Shouldn't he have enough money for some teeth!!
Extra fun info: Me and my best friend were aloud to paint a huge "VH" symbol on the wall of our JR High English wall.

Carla said...

Look what happens when you divorce Valerie Bertenelli...she is still as cute as a button. Eddie needs a makeover ASAP!

Kim N. said...

Allowed / Aloud same thing right?
Why don't I see these things before I post them?

erin said...

Wow...that makes me really sad. I happen to really like VanHalen--though not as much as AC/DC, though I didn't listen to them in high school. Someday soon, you'll probably see me posting something sad about the New Kids on the Block.

kristi noser said...

Ok, I just read the article. Unspecified reasons. Hmmm. Maybe he needs a massage, or he IS going in for that much-needed makeover. Collagen, Botox, a little lipo on the saddlebags, haircolor with some nice foiling and Eddie is as good as new. Wait! This isn't a SPA? Ok, I guess I'll kick the drugs then. Unspecified. Ahhh, yeah.