Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Deep Cleansing Thoughts

A week ago I just finished eating my ninth grapefruit and second orange of the day. A week ago I went to sleep right about this time anticipating a one day fast and then a great blowout. If you've been keeping up, you know the results. Since the big blowout bomb backfire I've had time to reflect and I now will offer my final analysis of the whole thing.

First off, thanks for all the comments. No doubt, blog traffic was high. The sustained increase in traffic those three days "sort of" proves the concept behind shows like Jack Ass, Fear Factor, and Myth Busters. After the whole fiasco I sure felt like I had been on at least two of those three shows.

The Final Analysis

The Blowout was a bomb that exploded in my face because of me - no other reason. The cleanse didn't work because of what I did wrong. When accepting the challenge I acted totally out of character and "went with it." I normally do much more research before investing time and energy into anything.

One thing for sure. I accepted the opportunity to cleanse my body because I considered it a challenge for my will. I wanted to see if I could do it. I believe in cleansing the body of trapped waste. I believe it is beneficial. It is just that I had never done it before. Like I said, I wanted to see if I had the courage to sacrifice for a few days.

My approach toward blogging about the whole event though was based on self-deprecating humor. I think some of the best comedy is self-centered navel gazing. Although I was serious about what I was doing with the cleanse, I thought it would make for a great personal blog series.

When I considered the comments I received and after speaking to a good friend today, I realized that my seriousness was overshadowed by my vain attempts at humor. My friend helped me see that I was actually making fun of the cleansing process, making it appear as something offered up by health kooks and witch doctors. This lead me to think of the health professionals, people who are my friends, that I negatively affected by contributing to the mass confusion that seems to surround so many health issues these days. My friends work hard at providing great health care and they also fight hard against all the bad information that is out there. To my friends, please accept my apologies and I ask for your forgiveness.

I believe the cleansing process would have worked if I would have done it properly. The proper way was described in a comment by Dr. Zach in this post. I also received a great email about cleansing from my friend Jen. Let me know if you'd like a copy of it and I will forward it to you. Perhaps with her permission I could post the email as a blog entry.

I will be cleansing. I will try it again and do it right. For now, I am busy putting things back into my body so that cleansing will be needed (did you know Little Debbie snakes is an example of good stewardship?)


Kim N. said...

Glad to see you are back. I was starting to worry that maybe you made your self really sick.

ron said...

Thanks for the update and clarification.

Although, I'm a bit concerned about the label on this post "Personal Health Experiments" I dread seeing a "I'm going to drink fifty cups of coffee tomorrow and see what happens" post.

kristi noser said...

Count me in, Ron! Addictive personalities unite!