Friday, April 21, 2006

Dream Recall, Part III and The End of the Story

After a full twenty four hours of not thinking about the dream, my mind is on to other things and before I forget, it is about time to wrap this posting series up (Dream Recall, Part I, Dream Recall, Part II)


I just didn't know how to respond after my friend (in real life) and the President of the United States (in the dream) tells me I have no clue about life. I had many thoughts though. Where have I been? Is he right? Am I clueless? Is he clueless? What is he talking about? Shut up, ask him.

I did finally say this in response "No sir, Mr President I do not understand what you are talking about and so by definition I apparently am clueless. Please Mr. President, would you be so kind as to clue me in." He said, "Well Agent Stream, you have been awakened to the reality of life. Life is difficult and full of terrorists. Now you need to step up and take notice to what is going on around you. I am giving you a life mandate to work with Jeff Burton as he continues to build the map of every single air vent in every single building across the entire United States."


At this point it was 3:30 am and I woke up to go to the bathroom. I remember moving a little faster to the bathroom than I usually do. I wanted to get back to sleep to see if this dream continued. I love it when this happens, within seconds (I think) I was right back into the dream.


Steve Gray, Chief of Staff, steps in and says "Agent Stream, your job is to travel around to each air vent site that Jeff maps out. When you arrive at each site, you are to use this encrypted hyrdostatic screwdriver with built in GPS chip to open and physically check each air vent for rice sized bio terrorist weapons. If you find nothing, move on. If you find one or more, put them in this plastic baggy and bring them to us."

President Zimmerman provided final words of encouragement before deploying me, "Agent Stream, there are many air vents in the United States. There will continue to be more and more air vents as new buildings and new homes are going up all the time. This is truly a life long mission and we need you to be devoted to us and your purpose in life. Agent Stream, you have been awakened to the reason for your existence. Are you ready to go?" I nodded in agreement.

Suddenly we were transported down to the underground computer lab where Jeff Burton was making progress on building those maps. President Zimmermann put his hand on my right shoulder while Chief Gray put his on my left. They simultaneously said "Good Luck" and then they vanished into thin air.

Burton gave me a smile, gave me a map, keyed a few things, said "Good Luck", and made one final tap on the Enter key of his keyboard. Next thing I know I am back into my weightroom in my basement. I look back at the wall and see the hole I created is all patched up. I then look up and see my first air vent. I went to work.


It was a relatively boring ending. However, the dream world and reality soon seemed like one when I visited Burton's blog after working out. Ironically, his post included a map. My heart skipped a few beats. In the end though, the final analysis of this dream was pretty cool!


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Flippin sweet!

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No, no, There will not be ND quoting here.

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